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All our implementations have a cybersecurity approach with layered defense. Our solutions provide governance, compliance and business continuity.

We are the only Acronis Platinum Partner in Central America, a global leader in cyber protection solutions, integrating data security, backup, disaster recovery, solutions to ensure risk management in the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical information.

We are also certified in COMPTIA, ISO, CISCO, MICROSOFT SERVER, ARISTA, LINUX and more key technologies to provide cybersecurity to your organization.

Why choose us as your compliance and cybersecurity specialists?

Our solutions are reliable and have been chosen by hundreds of customers. We offer an integrated approach to cyber protection, combining governance, compliance, security, accessibility and privacy on a single platform.

Main Characteristics:

  1. Backup and Recovery: Ensure the security of your data with fast, efficient and secure backups. Restore individual data or entire systems with ease.

  2. Ransomware Protection: Detect and stop ransomware attacks in real time. Keep your data safe from external threats.

  3. DRaaS: Disaster Recovery as a Service. Meet the best standards and achieve the RPO, RTO and SLAs your organization requires. Choose business continuity.

  4. Blockchain Authentication: Verify the integrity and authenticity of your data with revolutionary blockchain technology.

  5. MS365 Protection: One of the most common misconceptions about the MS365 cloud is that it is a backup of data (One Drive) and email.
    It really is the leading corporate email and file repository service in the cloud, but it is as exposed to data loss and cyber risks as any other solution. Our MS365 backup and cyber protection solution gives you the security and assurance that you will never lose data. All with the best cost/benefit ratio in the market.