Our Commitment


“Eximo” comes from Latin and translates as “Remove”, “Remove”, or “Release”. This word encapsulates the essence and mission of Grupo Eximo. In the ever-changing and sometimes overwhelming world of technology, we understand that both users and suppliers can encounter complexities and challenges that hinder their progress and performance. That is why, at Grupo Eximo, we are firmly committed to supporting all our customers in their technological journey. Our main goal is to help them overcome these barriers, remove the difficulties and unleash their full potential in the technological field. We believe in simplifying processes, offering clear solutions and being there for our customers every step of the way, ensuring that their experience with technology is smooth, efficient and obstacle-free. We are more than a supplier; we are an ally in your technological journey.

25 years of experience

Founded in October 2009 (with many years of experience in the industry), the first company in the Central American and Caribbean region to be 100% focused on offering Infrastructure, Platform, Applications and integral solutions in the Cloud.

+40 certifications

We are certified in Microsoft, COMPTia, ISACA, Linux, with many years of experience and training oriented to customer support and service. We are constantly training and preparing ourselves to be able to provide 360 degree solutions.


Our compliance solutions are aligned to the international frameworks of NIST and ISO/IEC 27001, and comply with the highest security standards and applicable privacy laws, such as GDPR and HIPAA where applicable.

Founded in 2009, Grupo eximo stands out as the pioneer in the Central American and Caribbean region dedicated 100% to infrastructure services, platform and cloud applications. We are leaders in customized private and hybrid cloud solutions, integrating cloud applications with local infrastructure. We serve a wide range of customers in areas such as Microsoft infrastructure, Linux, SAP and Oracle platforms, and moving on-premises applications to the cloud.

Our Team

A group of professionals that promises you:

Simplicity, Availability and Diligence.

Johnny Arana

Professional Cloud Tech and Infrastructure

Juan Cruz

Professional Cloud Tech and Infrastructure

Juan José Rodríguez

Professional Cloud Tech and Infrastructure

Roy Garcia Gomez

Professional Cloud Tech and Infrastructure

Sergio Trigueros

Professional Cloud Tech and Infrastructure

Sales and Service

Marco Sanchez

Professional Cloud Sales

Allan Montoya

Professional cloud sales