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Grupo Eximo, your leading partner in cloud solutions in Central America and the Caribbean since 2009. We offer comprehensive and customized solutions in private and hybrid cloud, optimizing your infrastructure and applications. Together we will innovate with our expertise in Microsoft, Linux, SAP, Oracle, Cloud PBX, and more!

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Our experience of more than 14 years implementing and developing cloud infrastructure solutions guarantees you the best experience in your transition to the cloud. Take advantage of the flexibility and scalability that our services provide, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and support for your technological infrastructure in the cloud. We are committed to the growth and stability of your business. Let’s work together on the road to success!

Cloud PBX

Scale your company’s communication with the virtualization of your PBX through CLOUD PBX technology, without making high investments in equipment and with an implementation time of hours. This will not only modernize your infrastructure, but also provide scalability, cost reduction, remote access and superior call quality. Move towards a robust and modern communication solution!


Safeguard the integrity of your business with state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions. Protect sensitive data, secure transactions and maintain customer confidence. With our advanced tools and robust protocols, mitigate risks and respond effectively to threats. Fortify your business against the ever-evolving cyber-attack landscape and ensure your peace of mind and long-term success!

IT Services

Boost your business with our comprehensive technology services. From implementations, migrations and system administration to technical support and consulting. We offer customized solutions that fit your needs. With our expertise and innovative approach, optimize processes, improve efficiency and maintain a competitive advantage. Make the technological leap your company needs to thrive in the digital age!