IT Services


Specialized consulting, support and monitoring services, both in the cloud and on-site, with no major initial effort. Eximo will accompany you in the implementation of your equipment in an agile, fast and secure way, work proactively and avoid costly disasters, choose Business Continuity.

– Integral technological services, technical support and consultancy
– IT infrastructure implementations and migrations
– IT infrastructure monitoring
– Customer Service and Support
– Provisioning of computer equipment and licenses
– Help Desk and remote assistance
– Service availability
– Real-time inventory control
– Unification of security events, know what is happening with your equipment
– Different pre-configured reports to give you a clear overview of the infrastructure

Help Desk

Availability and accompaniment are two characteristics that we will offer you at all times. Our help desk is available to provide remote support and help you resolve any incidents that may arise. Our staff has years of experience and the required certifications in the technical and customer service areas.

Proactive Notifications

Our reports allow you to receive near real-time updates and notifications, as well as detailed reports for all your terminals. Real-time inventory control, unification of security events, know what is happening with your equipment.
Get a clear picture of your infrastructure.

Comprehensive services

Technical support and consulting, IT infrastructure implementations and migrations, IT infrastructure monitoring. We accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle of your IT infrastructure, its management and environment. Predictive, proactive and adaptive support. Our team is in constant training with the latest technology trends.

Provisioning of computer equipment and licenses

We are partners and direct distributors of the main solution, hardware and software houses. We advise you by finding the solution that your organization requires, going through the acquisition, logistics, implementation, commissioning and integration into the IT infrastructure lifecycle.