Cloud PBX

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We offer virtual CloudPBX solutions that allow our customers to obtain all the benefits of a state-of-the-art PBX and IP PBX without making high investments in equipment and with an implementation time of hours.

Some benefits of our service are:

  • Multi-Level Digital Receptionist (IVR)
  • Voice Mail at each extension
  • Voicemail routing to user’s email address
  • Call groups
  • Voice conference room
  • Possibility of connecting extensions anywhere in the country or the world.
  • Availability of extensions in multiple devices: IP Phones, PC’s, Laptops, Smartphones.

Secure Solutions

Georeferenced access configuration (Costa Rica). Only calls from Costa Rican IP’s are allowed (controlled opening). Configuration against brute force attacks. IP blocking in case of unsuccessful attempts. Web access blocking, SSH access blocking, etc.


Our highly trained and dedicated team of experts is always ready to provide you with detailed and accurate attention to any incident that may arise. If you have questions or concerns related to IP PBXs, or if you have any specific need in this area, you can rely on us for an adequate response and efficient solutions. We are committed to your satisfaction and to providing excellent service at all times.


We offer the facility to give you the entire IP telephony solution (phones, PBXs, headsets) under a service model, where with a comfortable monthly fee you will get the entire solution 100% functional, you will also have the option to receive technical support for a fraction of the cost.

Don’t over-invest! Under this modality we replace any damaged unit (factory defect) and you will always have the control panel available.